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Imperial Rajasthan Tour Explore India Travel Guide >> India Popular Destinations - Tourist Wonders - Travel Moods
India Popular Destinations

Rajasthan Kerala Himalaya Goa
Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Delhi Bangalore
Agra Chennai Hyderabad Jaipur
Kolkata Mumbai Kashmir Ladakh
South India North India    


Rajasthan is an arid desert state located in the north-western part of India. The 'land of the kings' has ideally made up for the lack of 'nature' with its forts and palaces that rise majestically from the heart of the desert. With its charming cities including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur and a plethora of other tourist attractions that so charm the visitors, it is ideally said that visit Rajasthan and you would have seen everything that is India. Some of the must visit monuments of Rajasthan are Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) & Amber Fort in Jaipur, Umaid Bhawan Palace & Mehrangarh Fort at Jodhpur and Lake Palace in the charming city of Udaipur.

Wedged between the picturesque western ghats and the mighty Arabian Sea on the southern coast of India, Kerala is the land of silver beaches, lush forests, exotic wildlife, shimmering backwaters, rejuvenating Ayurveda, the scent of fresh tea leaves and all that you could ever imagine in a dream vacation spot. Experience a rejuvenating ayurveda massage, escape the bustle with a captivating houseboat cruise or visit one of the numerous archaic monuments. With so much to see and do here, even God could not resist the temptation of being here and called it his own country.

Consisting of some of the highest mountain peaks in the world, the Himalayas are a jewel in the crown of the Indian sub-continent. Trailing through the mighty Himalayas is an ideal way to come face to face with India and its people. As you traverse through the region, you will be amazed to witness the sheer diversity. From the forested valleys of Arunachal to the undulating terrain of the Tibetan Plateau, the Himalayas are one of the most spectacular range which has also fast become the most visited adventure zone on the planet.

One of the smallest Indian states, Goa is neatly cradled in the lap of the western ghats, and sprawls over an area of 3702 sq km. However, that is all the geographical info you would ever want to know, for Goa with its uncomplicated, extremely addictive and 'where the fun never ends' attitude, is a place where you will just want to get lost in the magic of the land without having to worry about anything else. The state is also fondly called the 'beach capital of India', for it houses some of the finest beaches found on the planet.

Madhya Pradesh
The world famous land of the erotic temples of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh is known as the 'Heart of India', not just because of its central location but for being home to the cultural heritage of Hinduism, Jainism, Islam and Buddhism. Besides, the natural beauty of the state is equally enchanting, consisting of mountain ranges, shimmering rivers and large stretches of dense forests...Madhya Pradesh beckons you to come and explore its numerous wonders! The state is conveniently connected to the rest of India through air, rail and road routes.

Uttar Pradesh
It is said that the world is divided between people who have seen the Taj Mahal and those who haven’t. However, the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has a lot more to offer to the visitors. With its immense monumental and cultural wealth, the call of mystical mountains and the religious ardour that it evokes amongst the visitors, Uttar Pradesh is one of the most fascinating states of India. Be it a spiritual pursuit, an adventure trip or just a leisure tour, come to Uttar Pradesh and consider your quest complete. Some of the must visit destinations in the state are Agra, Lucknow, Mathura and Varanasi

Delhi is one of the oldest existing cities in the world. It is said that the city was founded by the Pandavas (hero’s of the Indian holy book, Mahabharata) in the 1200 BC. The city has seen the rise and fall of many dynasties. It is believed that the Raja Dilhu, settled in the state in the Ist century BC and the city is named after him. According to the popular belief, the city of Delhi has been built and destroyed 11 times. Sometimes also referred to as Dilli, it is the second largest metropolis in India. The city reflects the deep historical background with rich culture, architecture, and monuments. Delhi comprises of two harmonious parts – the old Delhi and new Delhi. The old Delhi takes you to the through the labyrinthine streets passing through the old forts and magnificent monuments. You will discover the colourful bazaars that provides all sort of items at the mind blowing prices. On the other hand new Delhi reflects the well composed and spacious streets. Delhi is most widely used as the entry point into the country, being on the route of most major airlines. Red Fort, Jama Masjid Chandi Chowk, Raj Ghat, Jantar Mantar, Laxmi Narayan Temple, India Gate, Humayun's Tomb, Qutab Minar are some of the worth paying visit destinations in Delhi.

Located in the middle of the Mysore plateau, Bangalore is the fifth largest city in the India. The city was founded in the 9th century, though the modern Bangalore was found in 1537 at the time of the Vijaynagar empire in Karnataka. It is now the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Bangalore is commonly called as the 'Queen of South India'. The city usually enjoys pleasant and the balanced climate though out the year due to its geographical position. Bangalore Palace, Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park Vidhan soudha, IISc are the popular tourists destinations in Bangalore. The city of Bangalore provides the numerous education centers for the higher studies. Today, the city of Bangalore is the Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is the largest IT city of India and the economic condition of India is much dependent on this city. The beautiful parks, avenues, multiplexes, historical monuments and pulsating nightlife, undoubtedly makes Bangalore is the ideal getaway to India and beyond. So varied are the shades of Bangalore that, it is difficult to grasp it in a short span of time.

Situated on the banks of the Yamuna river, Agra is the part of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Earlier the city was referred as the Arya Griha or the Home of the Aryans and was founded by Raja Badal Singh founded in 1745. The city has the good cultural background and the people are known for their good behavior and friendly nature. The historical city of Agra is perhaps most famous as the home of the Majestic Taj Mahal, built in the 1600's in the memory of the Mumtaz Mahal, by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The Agra Fort, Sikandra Fort, Itmad Ud Daulah, Chini Ka Roza, Fatehpur Sikri are some other places of interest in Agra. A tour to Agra would never never be complete without taking back home the mementos. The old market place known as the Kinari Bazaar is popular since the Mughal period. The area has numerous trading centers. The modern shopping sites include the Sadar Bazaar and the south of Taj Ganj. Apart from the historical monuments, the city is known for the leather work, footwear, brass wear, carpets, silver jewellery and embroidery work.

Formerly known as Mardas, Chennai is situated in South East India in the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is the forth largest state of India and is geographically located on east side of Bay of Bengal while Andhra Pradesh on its north west side. It is popularly referred to as the 'Gateway to South India'. Back to the 17th century, it was once he small fishing town. It was ruled by renowned south Indian kingdoms like the Cholas, the Pallavas, the Pandyas, and the Vijyanagra empires. The city served as the major trading center during the British rule in India. With the vast population of 6 million (2006), the 368-year-old city is the 34th largest metropolitan area in the world. Chennai has a very hot tropical climate. So the best time to visit Chennai lies between November to February. The city is the perfect blend of the traditionalism and modernalism. The vibrant city of Madras was once known for its classical dance and Karnatic music. Chennai reflects the Dravidian and Gothic architecture in its buildings. The major attractions of the Chennai include Fort St. Geroge, Marina Beach, Anna memorial, Light house, San Thome Basilica, Theosophical Society, Valluvar Kottam, Adyar Banyan Tree, Government Museum and many more.

Hyderabad 'the city of Pearls' is the capital city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It lies in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. It is the largest state in south India. Hyderabad has the historical background, which is amply evident from the numerous historical monuments in and around the city such as Charminar, Golconda fort, Paigah palace, Ashurkhana, Bolaram residency, Hi -Tech city, Qutub Shahi tombs, Osmania University, State legislative assembly, Falaknuma Palace, Lal bahadur Stadium, Maula Ali, Puranapul, Purani Haveli, Residency, Asmangarh fort, Kingkoti palace, Chiran fort, University of Hyderabad and High court building. Apart from the architectural and historical monuments the city boosts of number of art galleries and museums. The food of Hyderabad is delightful. The city is known for its friendly and warm hearted people. The mouth watering Hyderabadi Biryani, Murgh do pyaza, Pulihara, Bagara Baingan are absolute delicious. Many travelers for their own shopping experience in Hyderabad often repeatedly visit these shopping areas. The city is quite famous for the handicrafts work such as Bidriware Metal Crafts, Ikat Fabrics, perfumes, bangles and pearls.

The city of Jaipur is situated in the eastern part of colourful Rajasthan. It is popularly called as the pink city because of the colour of the stone used exclusively in the walled city. Magnificent ornate palaces and impressive fortresses truly exudes a regal grandeur. It is the Rajasthan’s largest city. The city is most famous for its arts and crafts work. Jaipur derives its name from an astronomer prince, Sawai Jai Singh II, who built the city in 1727. The whole city of Jaipur is dotted with pink sandstone monuments that add colour and charm to this wonder city. The city of Jaipur provides the ample scope for sightseeing to visitors from all over the world. Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jaigarh Fort, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar, Choki Dhani, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort are its main attractions of Jaipur. Jaipur is also known for its most popular and unusual pottery art of blue pottery. All these features makes Jaipur the most sought after destination in Rajasthan.

Kolkata is the capital of the state of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the part of the four metropolitan cities of India. Kolkata served as the capital of India in the British Raj until 1911. The city of Kolkata was established in the year 1686, as a result of the expansion plans made out by the British government. It was popularly known as the 'Jewel of the East' during the British Raj. Kolkata is over 312 years old. The city has a population of almost 5 million, with an extended metropolitan population of over 14 million, making it the third-largest urban agglomeration and the fourth-largest city in India. Kolkata served as the capital of India in the British Raj until 1911. It has been home to many luminaries such as Mother Terrasa, Rabindranath Tagore, Subash Chandra Bose, and Satyajit Ray. The city comprises of many major commercial centers and corporate centers. On the rip to Kolkata do not miss to visit the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Marble Palace, Kalighat, Eden Garden Stadium and St. Pauls Cathedral. Kolkata is also the Culture capital of India. Durga Puja is the biggest festival celebrated in Kolkata.

Mumbai is located on the Salsette Island, off the west coast of Maharashtra. Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city of India and by some measures the most populous city in the world with an estimated population of about 13 million. Mumbai is warm and humid most of the year. The name Mumbai is derived from 'Mumbadevi', the patron Goddess of the Koli fisherman, original inhabitant of the seven islands that made up the city. It is said that Mumbai never sleeps. It is the India's main financial, commercial, transportation and communication center. Mumbai houses the important financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, The Bombay Stock Exchange, and The National Stock Exchange of India. It is the home to biggest film industry in the world – Bollywood.

Surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Himalayas, Kashmir is the most beautiful place one can ever find on earth. After visiting the valley of Kashmir, Mughal Emperor Jahangir said, 'If there is Paradise anywhere on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here. Tourists come to Kashmir for its wealth of Sights, cultural exuberance and in search of something special, that only Kashmir promises and delivers. The city is endowed with rich art and craft. Among the interesting tourists places in Kashmir, the ones that enchant you completely include Dal Lake, Shalimar Gardens, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Dachigam, Cheshma Shahi and Pari Mahal. The city also offers you to glimpse the colourful festivals of the state such as Navroz, Lohri, Chaitre Chaudash mela, and Hemis festival. Do not leave the city with the souvenir shopping in Kashmir. Check out the popular naqqashi work carried out the artisans in Kashmir over centuries. Carpets, shawls, papier mache, Walnut wood items are the main shopping attractions of Kashmir.

Ladakh has fascinated the tourists from centuries, with its age old monasteries, translucent lakes, and magnificent Himalayas. Every experience, every sound, every sound shouts that you have arrived somewhere magical. River Indus divides the province into five main regions, namely, Leh (which is also the capital), Nubra, lower Ladakh, Zanskar and Rupshu. Tour to Ladakh gives you the chance to explore the artistic tradition followed by the local and tribal people who make this vibrant region their home. The features of the Ladakhi people resembles that of Tibetan, and Mongoloid and than India. Lakakh is bounded by world's two mightiest mountain ranges – the great Himalayas and the Karakoram Ladakh offers great opportunity for undertaking adventure activities amidst landscapes of spellbinding beauty. The most popular are trekking, river rafting, rock climbing, boating and angling. Enjoy the colourful fair and festivals of Ladakh. The most important among them are Hemis festival, Dosmoche festival, Losar festival, Ladakh festival and many more. Apart from all this spot the exotic wildlife of Ladakh. Yak the largest animal found in Ladakh, Nyan, the largest sheep in the world, Bharal, the blue sheep and Urial, the smallest sheep in the world are found in Ladakh.

South India
South India warmly invites you to explore its magnetic locales, monuments, cultural customs, and religious traditions. South India covers the states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Pondicherry. Kerala is most popular among the travellers for Eco Tourism, Backwaters and Ayurveda, Tamil Nadu is popular for its age old temples, Andhra Pradesh is the home to the variety of cultures, religions and traditions. South India boost of the rich culture,history and heritage. The exotic colorful birds, splendid flora varieties and numerous species of fauna constitute the South India's wildlife sanctuaries that accommodate thousands of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects including those that belong to several endangered species. Explore the rich travel destinations with deep rooted traditions that very distinctly defines South India. Every historical monument you come across tell the saga of the bygone era. Besides making the visit to the archaeological sites, you even get the chance to maintain the close contact with the nature. The exotic beaches and lush green hill stations are the worth visiting. The people in South India belong to the Dravidian race and are very protective about their culture and traditions. There are so many things about South India, that you need to explore.

North India
North India covers the most crucial part of the sub continent - the Capital of India, Delhi. If you are driven by the call of adventure, travel to north India. Trek up to the hills of Uttaranchal, try out the most exicting river rafting in Rishikesh, and enjoy the popular river cruises. Mediate on the banks of the holy Ganges, visit the major pilgrimage centers and admire the historical monuments of North India. On the tour to North India lose yourself to the charm of the yester-year. Enjoy the Camel Safari in the glittering Thar Desert, stay at the grand Heritage Hotels, and relish the royal lifestyle of the Indian Maharajas. The north India has the strong cultural background reflected in the Hindustani music. Northern part is very rich in terms of art and craft. Taj Mahal, Lotus Temple, Qutab Minar, India Gate, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun Tomb, Jantar Mantar, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Hawa Mahal, City palace, Jal Mahal, Ram Niwas Garden, Amer Fort, Sonar Quila, Jaisalmer Fort. Jodhpur Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Lake Palace, Havellis in Rajasthan, Jain Temple in Mt. Abu, Ranthambhore National Park, Corbett national Park, Desert Safari, Camel Safari, Jeep Safari, Varanasi, Haridwar, Char Dham, Rishikesh, Mathura, Vrindavan are the major attractions of North India.

Rajasthan Kerala Himalaya Goa
Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Delhi Bangalore
Agra Chennai Hyderabad Jaipur
Kolkata Mumbai Kashmir Ladakh
South India North India    

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